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Immerse yourselves in the beautiful season of Autumn with our collection of unique autumnal songs. They’ll take you through the whole season; with ripe harvest fruit, leaves changing colour and falling to the ground… There’s spooky Halloween songs to boogie to and a chance to make a huge BANG with some cracking firework tunes! A great chance for you and your little ones to enjoy the season, whilst developing vocabulary, listening to sounds and moving your bodies to the beat!

  • Features 21 original Tiny Tweeties songs
  • Structured to our unique and highly-acclaimed early years formula
  • Songs designed to enhance Autumn-related themes and fire up the imagination of children
  • Includes songs to use to accompany Halloween activities, and songs about fireworks to enhance other celebrations
  • Guaranteed to get you dancing, moving, singing and laughing together
  • Prefer to digitally download or stream your music? No problem! all Tiny Tweeties collections are also available via iTunes or Apple Music
  1. Goodbye Summer
  2. At Autumn Time
  3. The Farmer Plants a Seed
  4. It’s Time to get my Hat
  5. Conkers Falling
  6. Apples
  7. Dingle Dangle Scarecrow
  8. When the Leaves turn Orange and Red
  9. Blow Winds Blow
  10. All the Leaves are Falling Down
  11. Get Ready for Halloween
  12. Keep on Whooing
  13. Witches’ Brew
  14. Skip Skip Children Skip (it’s Halloween)
  15. Halloween Boogie Woogie
  16. Trick or Treat
  17. I’m a Little Firework
  18. Woosh Woosh Woosh
  19. It’s Fireworks Night (we’re gonna light up the sky)
  20. It’s Raining, it’s Pouring
  21. Falling

Our unique collection of autumnal songs has been designed to take children on an inspiring journey through the whole season and the changes in nature they can notice around them…

…With rich descriptions of ripe harvest fruit, leaves changing colour and falling to the ground, conkers bouncing and dark nights setting in.

We have also included 6 Halloween songs for those who wish to celebrate this event in a gentle and fun way, and songs about fireworks to accompany and increase understanding of other Autumnal celebrations such as Diwali and Guy Fawkes Night.

The collection will provide great opportunities for you and your children to enjoy the season, whilst developing vocabulary, listening to sounds and moving your bodies to a beat.

Our Autumn & Halloween song collection begins with the sound of a gentle birdsong as we wave goodbye to summer and welcome in the rusty richness of the new season.

We think it’s a perfect introduction to this gentle journey in which we have attempted to encapsulate all of the magic of one of our favourite seasons.

As we progress through the collection you’ll find shuffling blues to boogie along to as we pretend to be the farmer planting his seeds and watching them grow to fruition.

The tempo of the music will increase and decrease as the autumn winds blow us around the room, and children will be immersed in a magical soundscape as they listen for the introduction of ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’ and prepare to jump up and sing along to the chorus.

With the Halloween songs towards the end of the collection, we’ll meet mischievous characters who will take us on gentle spooky adventures, followed by songs about fireworks to enjoy whilst watching the Autumn skies light up during celebrations.

Our version of the classic singalong of ‘It’s Raining, it’s Pouring’ will conjure cozy Autumn afternoons with the rain pitter-pattering against the window, whilst in the final track, ‘Falling’ (a favourite in Tiny Tweeties live sessions) we have aimed to create a truly immersive sonic journey into all that is magical about the season of autumn and its natural riches.


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