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Get ready to go back in time to the land of the dinosaurs and fire the imagination of your little ones with this stomping song collection!

The music of Dinosaurs will inspire you to go exploring, stomping, digging for bones, ROARING and much, much more!

Whether you’re using the songs at home for fun-filled days, or at school to enhance a dinosaurs theme, let us fire up the imagination of your little ones through engaging and exciting music.

  • Features 24 original Tiny Tweeties songs
  • Structured to our unique and highly-acclaimed early years formula
  • Helps to develop the essential building blocks for language and literacy
  • Enhances pre-reading, writing and number skills
  • Using this product at school or in an EY education environment? Maximise results by using alongside the associated Teacher’s notes & song words – COMING SOON
  • Prefer to digitally download or stream your music? No problem! all Tiny Tweeties collections are also available via iTunes or Apple Music
  1. Dinosaur Explorers
  2. If I were a Dinosaur
  3. Keep on Stomping
  4. There’ll be Tall Dinosaurs
  5. Walk the Dinosaur
  6. Oh it’s Dark inside my Egg
  7. The Ice Age Song (Stomp, Stomp)
  8. I Love Dinosaurs
  9. The Friendly Dinosaur
  10. Them Bones
  11. 2 4 6 8 10 Dinosaurs
  12. When we went on a Dinosaur Hunt
  13. The Funky Dinosaur
  14. I’m a Pterodactyl
  15. Tricky Dinosaur Words
  16. Volcano
  17. Dinosaurs Sleep

Children are often captivated by the concept of Dinosaurs from a surprisingly early age…

The idea that these scary looking creatures once roamed the same earth as us, their colossal size and colourful appearance in comparison to animals they encounter in reality, and the ability to get their hands on fab toy versions and create their own dinosaur worlds…

At Tiny Tweeties we know how important imaginative play is for children’s development, even more so when there is a powerful stimulus like dinosaurs and adults participate in the fun too. It helps encourage language & communication, as well as enhancing creativity, understanding emotions and developing empathy. Our Dinosaur songs support all seven areas of learning in EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) and are also perfect to use alongside a Key Stage 1 learning theme on the subject. The music and associated activities are ideal for creating a world of fun and learning where children and adults can pretend and have fun together.

‘Dinosaurs’ will get you stomping, exploring and roaring as we take you on an exciting journey to a prehistoric land and encounter all of the wonderful & scary things which inhabit it!

When using the song collection in the classroom or another learning environment, you can also purchase our accompanying teaching pack, which features song words and associated activities for each track.

When writing and producing our Dinosaur songs we aimed to create a collection of music which would fully immerse young and old listeners in an imagined prehistoric world with an exotic atmosphere of exploration, fun and danger.

Dinosaurs have dominated our imaginations since the first fully-understood discoveries of the ancient creatures in the 1800s, and as well as being a mainstay in entertainment, the concept is of course also very useful in education.

With this song collection we aim to carefully introduce young children to known facts on Dinosaurs at a level which they can comprehend, such as their size and appearance, their place in history (children often find it reassuring that they are not likely to meet a real dinosaur in their hometown!), their biology (little Tiny Tweeters love cracking out of their imagined dinosaur egg!), and how we know and learn about them in our age (grab your spades and get digging!).

We were also influenced by cultural representations of Dinosaurs and clever ways in which they have been used in popular culture for children, such as The Flinstones and Barney & Friends, as well as more grown-up interpretations such as the Jurassic Park movies and Pixar’s recent The Good Dinosaur.

Musically, our Dinosaur collection draws from a wide palette of styles. We wanted to create exotic soundscapes which would immediately take the listener on an adventure with tracks such as ‘Dinosaur Explorers’, ‘When we went on a Dinosaur Hunt’ and ‘Dinosaurs Sleep’, so we used unusual guitar techniques and sound effects from swamps and jungles, as well as our own crazy dinosaur noises from our mouths!
In order to get people stomping and dancing we built several songs using a variety of musical styles, including funk, punk-rock, hip-hop and calypso.

As always, our music aims to educate by enhancing themes and areas of learning in early years, and introduce early musicality for little ones through dynamics and pitch.


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