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Come aboard with us as we embark on a fantastic musical journey through space!

The songs in this collection are designed to inspire imagination & enhance creativity in little ones, whilst boosting early knowledge of space and associated themes through fun & engaging musical activities.

Space is one of our most popular collections. The songs support all seven areas of learning in EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) and are also perfect to use alongside a Key Stage 1 learning theme. So what are you waiting for? Take your little ones on a trip of a lifetime without leaving the classroom or home!

  • Over 20 original intergalactic tracks based around space and associated themes
  • Variety of different musical styles
  • Covers planets and stars, space travel and other exciting space themes including asteroids, aliens and gravity!
  • Using this product at school or in an EY education environment? Maximise results by using alongside the associated Teacher’s notes & song words – COMING SOON
  • Prefer to digitally download or stream your music? No problem! all Tiny Tweeties collections are also available via iTunes or Apple Music
  1. Let’s do Tiny Tweeties
  2. The Sun Rises
  3. What’s in Space
  4. Let’s get ready to go into Space
  5. Hey Spaceman!
  6. Climb aboard the Spaceship
  7. Keep on Zooming
  8. Walking on the Moon
  9. The Alien Dance
  10. Star Shape
  11. We’re all going to the Moon Tomorrow
  12. Spaceship
  13. Outer Space is where I really like to go
  14. The Gravity Song (Down, Down)
  15. Bumpy Bumpy through Space
  16. Fred the Alien
  17. 5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer
  18. The Asteroids are Coming
  19. Spaceman Jack
  20. Space Cadets
  21. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  22. Shine like a Star
  23. Oh it’s Time to float back down to Earth

Space is a fascinating theme for children, which helps them to learn so much about the world around them and beyond.  

With this collection of songs we aim to ignite little imaginations as we blast off in our rockets, space walk on the moon, dance with aliens, zoom through an asteroid shower and fly through the solar system learning the names of all of the planets and many other brilliant space facts as we go.

Our songs support all seven areas of learning in EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) and are also perfect to use alongside a Key Stage 1 learning theme on Space. Using this collection, children will broaden their vocabulary, enhance fine and gross motor skills, express themselves through music, develop their ordering skills, stimulate their imaginations and much more.

When using the song collection in the classroom or another learning environment, you can also purchase our accompanying teaching pack, which features song words and associated activities for each track.

The Space collection will make you and your children feel like you’ve been on a journey through the stars. It’s a great stimulus for conversation, communication, imaginative play plus story telling and writing.

So what are you waiting for, take your little ones on a trip of a lifetime without leaving the classroom or home! Off you go: 5…..4…..3….2….1…. BLAST OFF!!!

Space is a subject that is truly universal – it fascinates and inspires us from an early age and continues to do so throughout our lives.

This is reflected all around us in culture, and music is just one of the ways in which our ideas and knowledge of space can be explored.

When producing Space, we were influenced by some of our favourite artists including David Bowie and Vangelis, as well as moments from treasured movies such as Star Wars and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, and excellent children’s books like The Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram. We used synthesizers and sampled sounds as well as our traditional acoustic instruments. The aim was to evoke an atmosphere which will make both young and old listeners feel like they are exploring space and immerse themselves fully in the theme.

As always, we mixed together many musical styles when writing the songs in order to make listening an exciting and eclectic experience. On Space you’ll find reggae rhythms, hints of jazz, some funky disco beats to get you moving, classic rock ‘n’ roll sounds and a whole lot more.

We always aim to make music that children and adults can enjoy together as a shared experience. Whilst simplicity is important so that it is accessible for very young children, we work hard to to include structure and depth to the collections of songs, so that there is a wealth of content included for older children and grown ups too.

When we create music at Tiny Tweeties, we want children and their grown ups to laugh, learn, play and explore together as a result of listening.


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