Why choose Tiny Tweeties music?

We make children’s music accessible to all, using many styles and drawing from classic genres to create exciting, vibrant songs which are loved by everyone, young and old. Children respond to this and develop a love of music and different  styles. Our material is packed with learning so children can thrive developmentally whilst having fun. We believe that children’s music is as important as music made for an older audience, and aim to reflect this in our output, with songs that simply make children and adults feel great, preparing them for fun and learning during every step of the exciting journey through early life.


Our brand new school resource: a licensed teaching portal with Tiny Tweeties library of themes with hundreds of songs to use in your setting.
I drove to work this morning after dropping off the children and found myself dancing and singing to your CD all the way and went into work feeling great! I love your songs as much as the kids!

My little girl’s understanding and vocabulary is amazing and I think it’s all because of your songs. People can’t believe she is only two as she creates sentences full of interesting words she has picked up from your music. Thank you so much for nurturing her early years at sessions and through your music which we use at home too.

We use your songs at home throughout the whole day from breakfast till bedtime. There is a song for everything and they really help the children learn and understand. We’d be lost without your amazing music.

Our song collections on CD

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