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Are you looking for music for your early years primary school or nursery setting? Our school portal provides the ultimate library of music for EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), and access to a rich variety of music to use throughout the school year, both in the classroom and at assemblies.

With an affordable yearly subscription, you will receive an invaluable educational resource created exclusively for use in schools and nurseries, providing a huge library of highly acclaimed music to enhance all areas of learning in the EYFS.

You will have full access to our entire catalogue, of over 300 songs in 19 categories, covers a variety of early years themes including Superheroes, Minibeasts, Dinosaurs, Space, Pirates, Fairy Tales, Animals, Under the Sea, Counting, Seasons, Feelings, Mindfulness, Self-Regulation, Routines, along with action songs promoting physical activity and coordination – you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Designed for simple, fuss-free and versatile use in education settings, our songs can be accessed on whiteboards, PCs, tablets or any other internet connected device, including multiple devices at the same time. This enables usage in different areas of the same setting: content can be used in assemblies, whole classes and small groups.

 It is an ever-growing, interactive resource with more songs being added based on members’ ideas and feedback. We are constantly recording new songs to include, and will continually add content and further build up the resource to make it truly invaluable to the interests and needs of the children in your setting.

 With instant access following our low-cost payment for a yearly subscription, you will have our huge library at the touch of a button for as little as 35p per day. You will be able to use this music resource in daily planning and activities to promote and enhance all areas of learning in the EYFS.

As well as brand new content, the portal includes our entire back catalogue, meaning that schools and nurseries which have built their learning around our music since 2010 will have access to all the old favourites!

With Ofsted currently focused on how schools use music to help with children’s personal development, there has never been a better time to bring the joy and learning of Tiny Tweeties’ songs to your setting in a cost effective way.

‘The ‘Personal Development’ judgement will recognise the work early years providers and schools do to build young people’s resilience and confidence in later life including through participation in music, sport and extracurricular activities.’

(Ofsted Press Release for the new education inspection framework 2019)


How do we join?

Becoming a Tiny Tweeties School Portal member is easy. You can either:

  • Pay via invoice
    Email us at, or call on 0191 567 1777. We’ll set up your account and get you up and running in no time. Invoices will be emailed to School / Nursery office and must be paid within 30 days of joining

  • Pay via debit / credit card
    Click below to enter your details and your membership will be active immediately!

Level Price  
School portal: 12 month membership £125.00 per Year. Select

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Please note

Tiny Tweeties school portal is a web-based music library, accessible via any device with an internet browser.

An internet connection is required at all times to use the portal.

The portal is available to schools or nurseries in the United Kingdom and Ireland which are registered with OFSTED, Education Scotland, Estyn (Wales), ETI (N.I) or Department of Education and Skills (Ireland)

If you are an independent school, or another educational establishment not inspected by OFSTED, it may still be possible to join. Please email us to discuss this.

New members will be asked to submit details for a verification process, which must be completed within 48 hours of signing up.

Tiny Tweeties reserves the right to remove licences which do not complete verification or do not meet verification criteria.